Vision LED Car Lamp

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  • Lights that will outlast your car

    Vision LED

    Car Lamp

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    Replace your exterior car lights with long-lasting Philips Vision LED, so you won't have to replace them again. Safe replacement for conventional incandescent lights, Vision LED lights will provide you peace of mind for years to come. See all benefits


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Lights that will outlast your car

Long lasting LED car lights to fit and forget

  • Unique robustness

    Vision LED unique innovative design, provides high level unmatched robustness and vibration resistance for 12+ years lifespan. You will likely never have to replace your car lights again.

  • 12-year limited warranty

    We are so confident about our Vision LED lights that we supply them with a Philips 12-year limited warranty.

  • Similar light performance as conventional bulbs

    Vision LED light bulbs are the perfect replacement for your existing conventional incandescent bulbs. It provides a well-focused light beam on the road, assuring a safe replacement.

  • Faster response time

    In comparison to conventional light bulbs, Vision LED helps you to signal other road users even faster. When driving at a speed of 100 Km/hr, the benefit for the other road users could lead up to 8 meters extra anticipating distance.

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