X-tremeVision LED

Car lamps

    X-tremeVision LED

    Car lamps

    Drive with maximum safety and style

    Philips high intensity LED light for brake and tail functions ensure maximum visibility and safety for your ride with its high power light and fast illumination. Long-lasting and high-resistant LEDs give you 12 years of hassle-free driving See all benefits


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X-tremeVision LED Car lamps

Type of lamp: P21W, Pack of: 2, 13.5 V, 1.9 W 12898RX2 Find similar products

Drive with maximum safety and style

Fast reponse LED stop and tail light

  • 270° light diffusion

    Wide light diffusion angle for a premium look of your LED car bulbs

  • Bright red intense stop & tail light

    Philips high power LED bulbs with red intense light to enhance the style of your car bulbs

  • Instantly on

    Philips LED stop & tail light illuminates faster, giving + 6 meters extra stopping distance to the vehicle behind (at 120km/h)

  • High heat and vibrations resistant

    Car LED bulbs with up to 70°C heat resistance and Philips unique vibration-proof design

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