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20 W (100 W), B22, Warm white 871829114627800 Find similar products
  • Light control at your fingertips

    Remote control Energy saver


    871829114627800 Find similar products

    Philips Remote control energy saver bulb gives you wireless control of your lights from a convenient remote. Simply change your existing light bulbs to Remote control bulb to enjoy complete control, including dimming, at your fingertips. See all benefits


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Light control at your fingertips

Wide-range dimming

  • Reduce your energy bill and carbon (CO2) emissions

    Philips energy saving lamps reduce the amount of energy use in your home, which results in a lower energy bill and less carbon (CO2) output by your energy supplier.

  • Save energy with sustainable products

    All Philips energy saving lamps save energy from the moment you turn the switch. During their lifetime these Philips lamps use fewer kW, resulting in a lower energy bill. The level of energy saving differs per lamp type and technology.

  • You can trust what the Philips packaging is saying

    Philips keeps its promises about performance of its energy saving lamps. You can trust what the Philips packaging is saying about light output, lifetime and wattage equivalents to incandescent lamps.

  • Many dimming possibilities for a unique lighting experience

    Whatever light level you desire, the Philips energy-saving dimmable bulb delivers. Light level can be adjusted to suit the situation, whether that be watching TV, reading, eating or entertaining friends.

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