• Feather lightweight

    Notebook headset

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    Ultra lightweight headband design together with the soft ear cushions makes you feel so comfortable that it feels like you 're wearing nothing even for long time use. The earshells can also be swivel for flat storage.


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Feather lightweight

  • Ultra lightweight headband and ear cushions for comfort

    The ultra lightweight headband, together with the ear cushions, are so light and comfortable that you'll hardly notice you're wearing it even for long time.

  • 30mm powerful speakers deliver full balanced sound.

    30mm powerful speakers deliver full balanced sound.

  • Mute and volume control allow full control on call and music

    With the in line mute and volume control, you can have full control on your call and music

  • Highly sensitive in-line microphone for clear voice pick-up

    For clear and uninterrupted online conversations, this PC headset is the perfect solution as it comes with a highly sensitive in-line microphone that picks up your voices.

  • Swiveling earshells for flat storage

    You can just swivel the earshells and make the headset flat so that you can carry it easily on-the-go.

  • Combined-Plug design provides plug and cable management

    Combined-Plug design provides plug and cable management for enjoying music on PC. Most PC headsets have 2 audio jacks – 1 for the mic and 1 for the speaker. But if you’re listening to your favorite music, you don’t want the other jack bouncing around. Our Combined-Plug design is a simple but clever feature that offers a neat way to park your other jack safely. No dangling jacks. No floating wires. And no hassle.

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