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Philips Kidsplace Ceiling light QCG315 30112/55/86

Fun spaces with light and color

Kidsplace Ceiling light 301125586

Light that sparks your child’s imagination and creativity

Let your child's imagination fly with this ceiling lamp that is cleverly disguised as a hot air balloon. Made of premium glass, steel and natural wood, this light lifts their dreams to new heights.
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Safe to use

  • Non-toxic with safety grills and residual current protection
  • Designed for children's rooms
  • Adherence to European child-appeal safety regulations

Lasting enjoyment

  • Timeless design

Energy saving

  • 80% energy saving, compared to traditional light sources
  • Designed for use with energy-saving light bulbs


80% energy saving, compared to traditional light sources

Save up to 80% energy compared to your standard bulb. It pays for itself and saves you money year after year. So reduce your energy bill and start saving Now.

80% energy saving
Made for energy-saving bulbs

Designed for use with energy-saving light bulbs

Philips energy-saving light bulbs conserve energy compared to traditional light sources, helping you to save money on your electricity bills and do your bit for the environment.

Designed for children's rooms

Philips Kidsplace goes a long way to helping little ones feel cozy in the comfort of their own room. Friendly characters encourage children to play and explore, by the kind light of this reassuring luminaire.

Timeless design

Unique designs that are close to the heart

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