Clinical Informatics

We support users across the healthcare system by streamlining management and analysis of clinical patient data generated by diagnostic imaging systems, cardiac testing equipment and patient monitors. We support the continuum of care through an effective suite of solutions for enhancing clinician workflow and patient care, while interfacing seamlessly with core hospital information systems.

Integrated healthcare informatics for enhanced patient care

Every day, you’re inundated with clinical data. Our healthcare informatics solutions have the power to transform this data into integrated information that can help guide patient care throughout your enterprise.


Our medical informatics solutions streamline management and analysis of patient data from imaging systems, patient monitors, and cardiac testing equipment, while also offering innovations that enhance clinical pathways and aid workflow. By connecting hospital information systems, you gain easy access to aggregated data across the patient care continuum, helping you to gain visibility into the overall health of a patient and proactively manage population health.

Connecting care with information that matters

Learn how our innovations in healthcare informatics address healthcare issues including clinical decision support, telehealth, interoperability, alarm fatigue, and more.

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