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Bathroom lighting

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See what light can do in the bathroom

3 tips for choosing & installing bathroom lighting


Before fitting out your bathroom and installing the lighting, you should first reflect on the different types of lighting, waterproof bathroom lamps and also a lighting plan. Every part of the bathroom has a specific function and therefore deserves proper bathroom lights.

It's not always easy to see the wood for the trees when confronted with all sorts of lighting in a whole range of different styles etc. As lighting experts we would like to help you choosing & installing your bathroom lighting, and also give you a few practical tips


Tip 1 - Consider using different types of lighting


From general lighting, accent and mood lighting, right through to task lighting. You'll find all these different types of lighting in the modern bathroom. This means that bathroom lighting can be perfectly harmonised to the specific moment. General lighting for getting into the bath or under the shower. Task lighting for applying makeup, brushing teeth and shaving. And mood lighting for those more romantic moments.

By using all these different types of lighting in the bathroom you create a pleasant bathroom environment with just the right lighting for everything: from direct to indirect lighting.


Tip 2 - Make a lighting plan for your bathroom


Go through your bathroom, make a plan and then determine logically where specific lamps should be installed. This shouldn't be a problem if you bear in mind the different types of lighting and the various places and functions in the bathroom.

Tip 3 - Choose the right bathroom lamps

After reading tip 1 you can now choose the right bathroom lamps. There are several lamps for every type of lighting. It's really a question of choosing bathroom lamps that suit you own style. Flush mount spot lights, ceiling lighting or a hanging lamp for the general lighting. Wall lighting and perhaps LED strips for some mood and accent lighting. And finally mirror lighting and flexible spot lamps for task lighting.

When buying the lamps you should also pay close attention to the IP rating, because a bathroom lamp must be able to deal with moisture and dampness. Bathrooms can be divided into three different humidity zones. That's why our fittings have IP23, IP44 or IP65 ratings, which means that they're protected against moisture and condensation. Fittings with an IP65 rating are designed for use in the shower or next to the bath. Fittings with an IP23 rating are for places where there is no moisture or splashing, but where they are exposed to condensation.

Don't forget about LED bathroom lighting. LED lamps provide a pleasant and bright light and also save a lot of money on your energy bills!


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