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Bathroom lights

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See what light can do in the bathroom

The right bathroom lights for your bathroom!


Every bathroom is different: from small to large bathrooms and from classic bathrooms to modern wellness and relaxation rooms. There are many factors that determine which bathroom lights provide the right lighting for your bathroom.

Style and size are probably the most important factors, but then you must also take the various features, light intensity, types of light and light fixtures into consideration when choosing your bathroom lights.


Coordinating the bathroom lights with the decor in four steps


There are several questions to ask yourself when choosing your bathroom lights. No doubt this set of answers will set you on the right track for choosing the right bathroom lights:

What style is my bathroom?

In a sleek and modern bathroom it would be appropriate to find modern (designer) lights with sleek lines made from innovation materials such as chrome or brushed aluminium.
In our bathroom light range you will find different styles of luminaires.

When thinking of style, focus on the atmosphere you want your bathroom to exude. A modern bathroom can feel somewhat 'cooler' whereas a classic bathroom would need a more romantic feel to it. With the right mood lighting - indirect light and diffuse light, LED light strips, etc. – it is easy for you to create the right atmosphere.

What is the size of my bathroom?

Depending on the size of your bathroom, you will need to install more luminaires with a higher light intensity. In a small bathroom it will be sufficient to combine the general lighting with direct light on the mirror. In a large bathroom with both a bath and a shower you will need several light sources: light above the bath and the shower, light on the mirror, general lighting and possibly mood lighting as well.

Naturally the light intensity is also important. Light that is too bright will make the bathroom feel sterile. The light intensity must also be consistent with the location of the light source. For example, you don't want the light above the bath to blind you. Whether to choose LED bathroom lighting, halogen or energy-efficient light bulbs depends on your personal preferences.

What are the different functions in my bathroom?

You can easily organize your bathroom in zones, based on the different functions. For example, for the mirror you will need direct, bright light, or task lighting. Above or near the bath it is best to choose warm, diffuse light (ambience lighting). The light intensity above the shower could be a little more powerful.

All this also depends on the size of your bathroom. The bright task lightening will also serve as your general or basic lighting in a small bathroom. In a large bathroom, this will not suffice and you will need to provide an additional general light source.

What type of luminaires should I choose?

Hanging lamps for bathroom or drop lights, LED light strips, wall fittings, ceiling lights, (recessed) spotlights, ... There is plenty of choice, but what types would you need in your bathroom? This largely depends on the size and the various functions in your bathroom. Do not decide randomly, but draw up a plan of your bathroom with all the different zones. This will allow you to make a calculated choice of fixture types and it will provide you with an excellent idea of the result!

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