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Desk lamp design

See what lighting can do in the Home Office and Study - Table lamps

An imposing designer desk lamp or a simple desk light?


There are desk lights in all styles, sizes and colours. The answer to the question "which desk lamp should I choose?" depends on where you want to use the lamp...


For your children's desk a simple desk light will suffice. However, for your home office you will need a powerful LED desk lamp, and for your office at work you would probably want to choose an attractive designer desk lamp.


Fun desk lamps for the children's room


A desk lamp is essential to protect our children’s young eyes as well as possible. Reading and/or writing with too little light is tiring for the eyes. Combining the general lighting with an additional light source such as a desk lamp will allow your children to study for hours without problems.


For very young children there is the MyBuddy reading lamp which spreads a soft white glow: ideal for reading a bedtime story or as an additional light for doing homework. Teenagers can choose from different trendy table and floor lamps with a clever design.


Smart designer desk lamps for your (home) office


Your office says something about who you are and what you stand for. For example, a smart designer desk lamp not only adds character to your office, you also show that you have an eye for detail. Something your customers will certainly appreciate.


Form follows function but the form remains important! In our range you will discover various designer desk lamps of which several have been awarded a Product Design Award.

General desk lights - from floor to ceiling lamps


Naturally Philips also offers general office lighting: wall lights, floor lamps, pendant lamps, spotlights, ... in short: all types of lighting to add light to your office. You not only have a choice of different styles, you can also choose between LED lights, energy-saving lights or halogen lights.