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Choosing desk lighting – designing a practical workplace


More and more people are opting to create their own workplace at home. A place for working from home, but also a place where the kids can do their homework. Having the right equipment for this is essential. Think about desk lighting for instance…


Desk lighting is usually the last thing that people think about. All the same, choosing the right desk lamp helps to make working just a little more pleasant. The wrong kind of desk light can lead to headaches and problems with concentration.


Practical desk lamps & lighting for creating a pleasant workplace


A pleasant workplace is an office where you not only have access to all the materials and equipment you need, but where you also have sufficient lighting to carry out different tasks. Reading or writing or typing over a long period of time in a place where the lighting is poor, very quickly leads to tired eyes that in turn leads to headaches and reduced concentration. Therefore proper lighting ensures that you work and continue working productively over a long period of time.


So don't just buy any old desk lamp, but take the following factors into account before you decide. The ideal lighting situation includes a combination of natural light, direct light (from a desk lamp) and indirect light (from a ceiling lamp). Of course you can’t control the amount of natural light available, but you can make the right choice where your desk lamp and the indirect source of light are concerned. Regarding desk lamps, you should always choose one that’s adjustable and has a flexible arm. This means you can have light exactly where you want it. LED lamps make the best choice because they are ecologically and economically sound options and are less tiring on the eyes than other types of lamps.

Finally, you also need an indirect source of light on your desk. This can be provided by a wall lamp or a ceiling light. Wall lamps are more liable to create shadows (depending on where they are fitted). Would you prefer a ceiling lamp? If so, fit it directly above your desk if that’s possible. If your workplace happens to be in the living room, the trick is to match your desk lighting with the rest of the lighting in the living room.


Our large collections of (desk) lighting make it easy to match the style of your desk lighting with the living room lighting.