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Kitchen Lighting

See what light can do in the Kitchen

Warming up the heart of a home

The open plan living of this young family needed a more flexible lighting solution to the needs of both kids and parents.


Warming up the heart of a home

Perfect kitchen lighting for a practical and cosy kitchen!


We are demanding more and more practicality from our kitchens: everything within easy reach, loads of space and the right equipment. Therefore the lights in the kitchen also play a significant role: from functional kitchen lighting through to creating a cosy atmosphere.


It is our goal to create attractive, practical and cosy lighting in the kitchen with our lamps. Our extensive range of kitchen lights already bears witness to this.

Lighting in the kitchen – a pleasing place to cook


Cooking is a real pleasure when you have all the equipment you need. Create the perfect atmosphere in the kitchen that would make a 3-star Michelin chef jealous by simply illuminating the important places properly. Nothing remains in the dark with our range of kitchen lamps.


Spots on the ceiling or fitted underneath the cabinets, directed light over the worktops and the cooker etc. Along with our kitchen lamps, we can both ensure that every mealtime becomes a dinner party! This is done in an environmentally friendly way with LED kitchen lighting.


An attractive place to eat!


It’s not only functional lighting that’s important. Those of us who eat in the kitchen also want to have some mood lighting. An attractive hanging lamp above the dining table, wall and ceiling lighting or spots aimed at specific corners ... Create a lighting makeover in your dining room with mood lights and make it into a place where you can enjoy delicious food combined with great table conversation!


People who like to make regular changes will definitely fall for the InStyle wall and hanging lamps. Thanks to the beautiful glass panels, it’s possible to create a new, refreshing touch in your dining room from time to time. The seven separate glass panels make it possible to match the kitchen and dining room lighting with your mood and interior.