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Philips is working to help the Indonesian government meet its goal to reduce global warming caused by excessive energy consumption. With economic growth of 5-6% annually, Indonesia faces the challenge of fast-rising domestic energy demand with declining oil and gas production. Encouraging the simple switch to energy-efficient lighting can help ease that pressure, particularly in the country’s kampongs, villages with native houses. Knowing that 60% of the people in the world’s fourth most populous nation live in kampongs where inefficient costly-to-operate traditional lighting is still used, we launched Kampung Terang Hemat Energi (KTHE), the Philips Bright Energy Saving Kampong program.

A helping hand

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Our employees volunteer to share their knowledge with villagers and explain the advantages of energy-efficient lighting: brighter light, enhanced safety, reduced electricity bills and CO2 emissions. Since 2008 we educated villagers in more than 250 kampongs across Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi to become Bright Energy Saving Kampongs.
The program also included 1,000 energy-saving lamps for every village and 25.000 fluorescent lamps, 100 sets of Solar Home System for public facilities like road, schools, town halls, soccer field and mosques. We also offered support during the switchover.

Simply a success


Sukamaju village is just one of the kampongs enjoying the benefits of this program. And just one of the benefits is that the new brighter lighting is safer for midwives who no longer have to travel in the dark. Plus, electricity bills dropped a hefty 33%.

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About Kampung Terang Hemat Energi


  • The KTHE program is an effort by Philips Lighting Indonesia to bring access to lighting for the people in the rural area, as well as to expand and socialize the application of energy-efficient lamps that will lead to wide energy saving implementation in daily lives
  • The program strengthens Philips positioning as pioneer of innovating energy-efficient lamps both in Indonesia and the world – providing solution for consumers not only through environment-friendly solutions, but also interactive initiatives which provide added benefits
  • Philips KTHE program gives both social and economic benefits for consumers and capable to contributing in the government’s initiative in energy-saving

Our environmental approach


At Philips we invest in the developments of Green Technologies and continuously reduce the environmental impact of our operations. We enable our consumers to contribute to a healthier world on a day to day basis by choosing green products.


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