Simply Healthy @ Schools


  • SimplyHealthy@Schools enables Philips employees around the world to give something back to the communities where they live and work by empowering school children to live healthier lives.


  • With SimplyHealthy@Schools we aim to share our expertise in many areas contributing to the health and wellbeing of people around the world to improve children’s knowledge of healthy living by providing simple lessons about air, light, water and oral hygiene, as well as exercise and caring for the environment.


  • Our energy-efficient lighting solutions also help the planet by reducing energy use, while enhancing people’s wellbeing and quality of life. By re-lamping schools as part of the SImplyHealthy@Schools programme we can improve learning conditions and help save energy.

Philips SimplyHealthy@School Across Archipelago

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Philips has vision for health and well-being of our society and how we commit and take initiative to drive our community reaching our common goals.


World population has reached 7 billion on October 31, 2011. It is two sides of a coin, should we celebrate the happiness or at some point we have to be aware that this can also be a warning for us.


We are constantly facing the reality on fulfilling our basic needs – clean air and water, adequate nutrition, basic sanitation and good access to healthcare. Some of us may have abundance, while the others are having limited access to the essentials.


Experts are squeezing their minds to fight the unbalance supply versus demand, scarcity and poor quality of those basic needs.

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As part of a wider community, it is Philips’ vision to help people improving their health and well-being. It has become something we are breath-in and breath-out. Philips believes health and well-being are inseparable, they are the combination of physical and mental fitness.


External factor such as neighborhood security also will contribute to the effort of developing people health and well-being. Through our program Kampung Terang Hemat Energi, not only we together will ensure security in our neighborhood but also we will encourage people to be smart on electrical consumption for their daily life thus we can reach our goal in energy efficiency.

Philips is focusing on the future, for our next generation, we can make it much easier. By educating them from an early age about their lifestyle and what it takes to stay healthy. It is within our power to stimulate attitudes and ideas that will stay with them until adulthood, not only improving their own quality of life but also reducing the future healthcare burden on society and helping conserve world’s limited resources.

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SimplyHealthy@Schools is our global initiative to make the knowledge and resources that Philips has available for wider community and start with our young minds. Through our brand promise “Innovation and you” and focus in health and well-being, we hope our Health Warrior Toolkit inspires our next generation.


SimplyHealthy@School in Indonesia has reached more than 1300 students with more than 90 teachers across five villages in Medan, Madura, Makasar, Pontianak, Palu and Tanjung Pinang. There are:

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“I am happy with simply healthy @ school story telling project that brought by PHILIPS Indonesia. As long as I have been teaching here in this school, there were no such program like this brought to school by anyone, in fact the students were never been that happy and enjoy with the healthy campaign program. Thank you PHILIPS Indonesia to make my students smile and understanding well about healthy living” LA Dalle, the principle of SDN Inpres LIK Layana Indah-Donggala-Palu


We believe that children all around the world should be empowered to take their health and wellbeing into their own hands, and are educated to do so. Inspiring the next generation for a healthy lifestyle helps people around the world live healthier lives on a healthier planet.

Philips believes that what we do for our children will define our future.


  1. SDN 105296 Percut Hilir Deli Serdang Sumatera Utara
  2. SDN Kajuabuh Bangkalan Madura
  3. MI Negri Model Bacari-Bulukumba, Makasar
  4. Two elementary schools in Sikakap, namely SDN 41 and SDN05
  5. SD Inpres LIK Layana Indah


By Story telling, the 6 powers of Air, Light, Water, Exercise, Smiling and Earth were communicated to the students taking them through the importance, benefits and advantages of mastering the 6 powers.

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Through story telling concept, we hope that our sustainable effort on help improving our children’s knowledge of healthy living will create a snowball effect for wider community.

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