StyleCare Curler

25mm medium barrel, Tourmaline ceramic, Digital temperature settings BHB864/00

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Philips straighteners/curlers on wet hair?

You should never use your Philips straightener/curler while your hair is wet. Read on to find out why.

Wet hair is more prone to damage

Your hair is the most sensitive while it is wet. Straightening it will only stress it out and not lead to satisfactory result.

Straightening/curling wet hair is not safe

You run the risk of an electric shock or damage to your styler. The wetter the hair, the more steam the styler will produce.

The information on this page applies to the following models: BHB864/00 , HP8348/00 , HP8302/00 , HP8316/00 , HP8301/00 , HP8339/20 , HP8698/00 , HP4686/22 , HP8605/00 , HP8310/00 , HP8300/00 , HP4698/22 , HP8342/00 , HP8361/00 , HP4658/00 , HP8600/00 , HP4661/30 , HP4686/00 , HP4696/10 , HP4698/10 , HP4668/29 , HP4638/00 , HP4657/00 , HP4688/00 , HP4654/00 , HP4661/00 , HP4667/00 , HP4669/07 , HP4680/00 , HP4680/01 , HP4696/01 , HP4698/01 , HP4642/07 , HP4648/37 , HP4659/07 , HP4665/00 , HP4625/00 , HP4642/00 , HP4696/00 . more less

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