Garment Steamer

1600W, 32g/min, 5 steam settings, 1.6L Detachable tank GC518/20


How do I use my Philips stand garment steamer’s glove?

If you wonder how to properly use the glove that comes with your Philips stand garment steamer, please read here about it.

How to use the stand steamer’s glove

Your Philips stand steamer’s glove should be worn on the hand that is stretching the garment during steaming.

The purpose of this glove is to protect your hand from the hot steam.

Using the Philips stand steamer's glove

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC518/20 , GC524/60 , GC507/60 , GC504/30 , GC515/05 , GC525/05 , GC502/29 , GC506/39 , GC504/39 , GC502/20 , GC506/30 . more less

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