Garment Steamer

1600W, 32g/min, 5 steam settings, 1.6L Detachable tank GC518/20

Frequently Asked Questions

Should my Philips garment steamer’s tank be emptied after usage?

When you are wondering if there is a need to empty the water tank of your Philips garment steamer after usage, please find the answer in the following lines.

Should the steamer’s tank be emptied each time?

Yes, we recommend you to empty your garment steamer’s water tank after using it. This will help preventing the formation of calcification and algae.

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC518/20 , GC524/60 , GC507/60 , GC504/30 , GC510/05 , GC420/05 , GC525/05 , GC515/05 , GC502/29 , GC506/39 , GC504/39 , GC502/20 , GC506/30 , GC520/05 . more less

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