Bagless vacuum cleaner

1400 W, PowerCyclone 3, 3 accessories FC8085/01


My Philips Vacuum Cleaner is overheating

If your Philips Vacuum Cleaner is overheating, please discover in the following lines how this works.

Normal motor heat transfers to the rest of the vacuum

The vacuum motor produces some heat when it operates. This heat can be noticed when touching the vacuum or from the exhaust air. Do not worry, this is normal.

The vacuum is clogged up

When your Philips vacuum cleaner is clogged up, it may produce more heat than normal. In that case, the vacuum cleaner's cleaning performance is also lower than usual.

How to check if your vacuum cleaner is clogged up:

Bagless vacuum cleaner:

  1. Make sure the dust bucket is empty.
  2. Make sure the motor protection filter is clean
  3. Make sure the exhaust filter is clean

Bag vacuum cleaner:

  1. Make sure the motor protection filter is clean
  2. Make sure the exhaust filter is clean
  3. Make sure the dustbag is not full
  4. If you have made sure the filters are clean and the dustbag is not full, but the cleaning performance remains poor and the vacuum cleaner continues to become very hot, replace the dustbag, for in that case the pores of the dustbag may be clogged with fine dust

If your Philips vacuum continues to become very hot during use after following the above steps, stop using it and contact us.

The information on this page applies to the following models: FC8085/01 , FC5226/01 , FC8291/01 , FC8189/01 , FC8232/01 , FC8286/01 , FC8212/01 , FC8262/01 , FC9082/01 , FC9262/01 , FC8204/02 , FC9160/01 , FC8611/01 , FC8734/01 , FC9064/02 , FC9066/03 , FC8438/02 , FC8208/01 , FC8256/01 , FC8204/01 , FC9150/01 , FC8344/01 , FC9204/01 , FC9200/01 , FC8348/01 , FC9064/01 , FC9228/01 , FC9166/01 , FC8433/02 , FC8602/01 , FC8716/01 , FC8390/01 , FC8394/01 , FC8396/02 . more less

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