Brilliance LCD monitor

S-line, 21.5" / 54.6 cm 221S3SB/70

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect my LCD monitor to any PC, workstation, or Mac?

Yes. All Philips LCD monitors are fully compatible with standard PCs, Macs, and workstations. You may need a cable adapter to connect the monitor to your Mac system. Please contact your Philips sales representative for more information.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 221S3SB/70 , 196E3LSB/00 , 241P3LYEB/00 , 241P3LEB/00 , 241P3EB/00 , 241P3LYES/00 , 241P3LES/00 , 241P3ES/00 , 273P3PHEB/00 , 273P3PHES/00 , 273E3SS/00 , 220TS2LB/97 , 244EL2SB/00 . more less


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