6400 series Pressurised steam generator

Carry-lock GC6430/02

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I fit my Philips Steam Generator Iron on my ironing board?

Your Philips Steam Generator Iron should be placed on an ironing board suitable for it.
When you try to place your steam generator on your regular steam iron board, you might find that it is not suitable, as it does not have the proper side tray for your steam generator’s base.

In this situation, we recommend you the following options:

  • Change to an ironing board suitable for steam generator
  • Place your steam generator’s base on the side of the board, and not on the side tray
  • Place your steam generator’s base on the floor or on a table.

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC6430/02 , GC7230/02 , GC8280/02 , GC6360/02 , GC8220/02 . more less

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