Table lamp

    Table lamp

    myBuddy tells your child when it's time to play!

    With its friendly appearance, myBuddy is bound to comfort your child, making it the perfect companion from bedtime to wake-up time. It helps children to fall asleep and stay in bed happily until it’s time to get up. See all benefits


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Kidsplace Table lamp

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myBuddy tells your child when it's time to play!

  • Reading light

    Reading light

    myBuddy is great for soothing bedtime stories that help children to fall asleep. The diffused warm white light of myBuddy is gentle and provides the perfect light output for good visibility while reading.

  • Soft glowing nightlight

    Soft glowing nightlight

    After storytime is over, a gently glowing moon nightlight indicates that it’s time for children to sleep, and is a familiar and comforting sight if your child wakes during the night. In early years, it's also a helpful orientation light when checking on your child at night or to create a cosy, soothing atmosphere while feeding or comforting your child.

  • Morning light

    Morning light

    Young children often don’t know when they’re allowed to come out of bed. The sun on myBuddy's belly tells them when the day can start. By using the simple symbols of sun and moon, your child learns the difference between day and night in a playful manner. When the sun shines on myBuddy's belly, it's time to play!

  • Fun and easy on/off switch

    Fun and easy on/off switch

    Press the top of myBuddy's head and it lights up with a gentle warm white reading light.

  • Easy morning light set-up

    Easy morning light set-up

    An intuitive backpanel with selection wheel and digital clock makes it extremely easy to set up the various functionalities of myBuddy. You can select only moon light, moon and sun, or only sun in the morning. To activate the morning light simply set the time when you want the sun to appear.

  • Cool to touch and child-friendly

    Cool to touch and child-friendly

    myBuddy is completely safe for children too, because he is made of child-friendly materials and uses LED light, which is always cool to touch.

  • Robust design

    Robust design

    Its design is robust and solid, making it absolutely child proof with no risk of breaking.

  • High quality LED light

    High quality LED light

    myBuddy has an extremely low power consumption of only 2 x 1W, while providing a high light output (60 Lumen) at the same time. With a light temperature of 2700 Kelvin, myBuddy provides gentle and soothing warm white light.

  • Energy saving

    Energy saving

    The LED technology used in myBuddy has a long-lasting lifetime of at least 20.000 hours. Using only a few watts of power, myBuddy is thus an extremely energy sufficient reading, night and morning light.

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