Use of MNS for pulmonary MRI - a story of translation and FDA approval

By Philips Featuring Jason C Woods, PhD and Yi Xia  April, 2024 ∙ 18:35 min



Magnetic resonance

MultiNuclei webinar with Dr. Woods

Webinar highlights - Total duration [18:35]


[01:30] ∙ Functional imaging with Xenon

[05:00] ∙ Fast imaging’s significant advantage in pediatrics

[07:35] ∙ Xenon Gas Exchange MRI

[12:04] ∙ Q&A

Join Dr. Jason Woods in this webinar to learn how to tap into the potential of multinuclear imaging with Xenon and how Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Philips have teamed up to explore this groundbreaking opportunity for pulmonary MRI to get high image resolution in both structural and functional imaging.

“Hyperpolarized Xenon can regionally quantify ventilation, alveolar airspace size, gas exchange parameters. Combining structure and function is powerful.”

Prof. Jason Woods

Director of Research

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Speakers list

Jason C Woods, PhD

Jason C Woods, PhD

Director of Research, Pulmonary Medicine, Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Yi Xia

Yi Xia

Business Marketing Manager, Clinical & Key Customer Relationships

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