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Because the cath lab is not an island within the hospital, our physiomonitoring and charting technology also extends beyond the walls of the cath lab. Xper Flex Cardio Bedside Solution and Central Station provides continuous monitoring.

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Simplify your workflow


Xper Information Management offers a highly configurable cardiovascular workflow solution for the cath lab. This innovative software suite presents a variety of innovations for reporting, scheduling, inventory, and intelligent data management.

Extended continuum of care || Comprehensive data collection

Extended continuum of care provides treatment quality

With Xper Bedside Solution and Central Station your collected data encompasses not only what occurs in the cath lab, but also what happens before and afterwards. It provides physiomonitoring parameters and electronic charting in one device at the point of care, to create one continuous procedure record.
Xper Information Management || Enhanced patient management

Xper Information Management for data retrieval on demand

Xper Bedside Solution stores all data in the Xper Information Management database. This way, you can retrieve it whenever you need it, from any Xper Information Management system on the network or hospital-wide repository. The information you need to provide a high standard of care is at your fingertips.
Hospital information system interface || Efficient workflow

Hospital information system interface provides data consistency

Xper Bedside solution has the option to interface with your hospital information system (HIS) or cardiology information system (CIS). This way, information on the hospital backbone can be automatically entered into the Xper Information Management network, and billing information can be easily sent back to the HIS or CIS.
Central Station monitor || Advanced monitoring

Central Station monitor provides multi-patient monitoring

Xper Central Station provides continuous monitoring of up to eight patients on each monitor. It can monitor multiple waveforms with full display. Monitoring parameters, color display options, programmable user-defined alarms, and simultaneous monitoring can all be controlled remotely.
Widescreen monitor || Comprehensive data collection

Widescreen monitor shows more information

Xper Bedside Solution delivers simultaneous logging/charting and five seconds of monitoring on one screen with its widescreen monitor.
Optional image access || Enhanced patient management

Optional image access helps improve patient communication

Enhance patient communication by sharing study-related information and images with patients at the bedside.
Advanced features || Efficient workflow

Advanced features help you meet monitoring requirements

Xper Bedside Solution assists you in meeting local requirements for NIBP and SpO2 monitoring of patients receiving conscious sedation. The features encompass user-defined parameters, auto-recorded and calculated data, and automatic integration into the catheterization report.
Final cardiac report || Comprehensive data collection

Final cardiac report integrates all collected patient data

Xper Bedside Solution combines data collected while the patient is under the responsibility of the cath lab into one comprehensive cardiac report. This gives you and your patients a comprehensive overview.
Captures all point-of-care data || Efficient workflow

Captures all point-of-care data for quality assurance

In conjunction with Xper Information Management Data Analysis, Xper Flex Cardio Bedside Solution captures all point-of-care data for improved statistical analysis and helps you with quality assurance measures.
Philips DXL ECG Algorithm || Comprehensive data collection

Philips DXL ECG Algorithm expands diagnostic capabilities

Provides ECG analysis using 16-lead ECG and Philips DXL Algorithm.This suite of advanced STEMI diagnostic aids provides the information to assist/help clinicians interpret the rhythm and morphology for a wide variety of patient populations. It includes: Critical Values, ST Maps, and culprit artery identification.