Revolution 45 MHz rotational IVUS imaging catheter


45 MHz rotational IVUS imaging catheter

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The Revolution rotational IVUS imaging catheter is designed for excellent delivery and imaging accuracy you can trust. It features 45 MHz coronary imaging, high near field resolution, accurate measurements, and excellent deliverability with smooth, sheathed pullback.

Multi-modality platform
Multi-modality platform

Multi-modality platform

Philips provides choice of IVUS modalities and is the only company to offer digital and rotational devices for a variety of medical practices and divisions.
3 Hi-Q imaging options
3 Hi-Q imaging options

3 Hi-Q imaging options

Choose from three high-quality, optimized imaging modes with varying levels of darkness and fineness of blood speckle to assist in differentiating between tissue and blood along the lumen border. High-quality image enhancement is available on all Revolution catheters using Philips IVUS systems with version 3.3 software and higher. Hi-Q imaging modes are accessible via the “Adjust Image” menu.
45 MHz-frequency imaging || KBA1

45 MHz-frequency imaging

A 45 MHz frequency produces crisp, sharp imaging for dependable interpretation and assessment of vessel morphology.
IVUS assesses disease || KBA1

IVUS helps with disease assessment

IVUS imaging helps physicians assess disease markers, including plaque burden percentage, lesion location and morphology, calcium, and the presence of thrombus. It also provides analysis of crucial parameters—like luminal cross-sectional measurements—and helps aid in disease diagnosis.