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Cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death in Indonesia


Cardiac arrest can happen anytime without any warning. A patient can fall into unconsciousness immediately upon cardiac arrest, and will need to be revived within 10 minutes else the outcome will be fatal.


Cardiac arrest is one of the leading causes of death in Indonesia with most of these deaths happens outside of the hospitals. Most cardiac arrests are caused by a damaged Ventricular Fibrillation that causes the patient to lose conscious due to the lack of blood traveling through the rest of the body. 

Factors that increase the chance of cardiac arrest

Hight Blood pressure
Cigarettes and alcohol consumption

Sudden Cardiac Arrest


The heart has an electric current that controls the heart rate. If this system is damaged in anyway, it could cause a condition called “Arrhythmia”, an irregular heartbeat which could lead to the heart not being able to pump the blood throughout the body. Arrhythmia could lead to sudden cardiac arrest. 

Understanding how to save a life.


An  automatic external defibrillator is used to revive the electric current of the heart. It is ready to use anywhere and in any situation; from schools, office, at home, retirement centers or even the gym. It can save lives anywhere, anytime.

How to save a live with Philips AED?

The initial process of reviving a patient suffering from a sudden cardiac arrest is to talk to the patient to help him/her regain consciousness,.


If this doesn’t revive the patient, request for paramedic help immediately. Dial 1669 for an emergency ambulance then perform CPR on the patient. Follow the instructions prompted by the AED machine.

3 steps to saving lives with the Philips AED


1. Push the green button to activate the AED machine.


2. Stick the adhesive pads on the positions according to the diagram.


3. Push the orange button to activate the electric current.


The Philips AED

  • Lightweight, convenient in every way.
  • Adhesive pads can be applied to both adults and children.
  • Ready to be used at all times with its 4-years battery lifespan.
  • Tested for quality and safety.
  • Meets all the government requirements for a certified first-aid kit.
  • Please study the instructions before use.

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