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Radiotherapy treatment can be a burden for patients. Quality of the experience has been proven to correlate with outcomes and patient satisfaction is becoming an increasingly important performance indicator. Our Solutions are designed to improve satisfaction for patients and their families by reducing time to treatment and enhancing comfort. And they help enhance clinical staff satisfaction by simplifying workflows, so teams can spend more time focused on patient care.

Big Bore CT

  • Designed for speed and efficiency, Big Bore CT helps reduce time to treatment for palliative patients. TumorLOC provides powerful, advanced simulation and patient marking tools at the scanner.

RTdrive MR Prostate


  • Streamline and automate prostate planning workflows from imaging to plan, and create MR-based treatment plans with minimal user input, saving valuable time and effort.

Ambient Experience

Soothing light and sound experience for patients during a stressful time:

  • Provides positive distraction with immersive lighting, video projections, and calming audio.
  • Empowers patients to become active participants by choosing from an array of room themes.

Uptake room

Soothing light and sound sensory experience extends across all stages of uptake – providing a seamless experience for patients.

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