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See what light can do in the bathroom

A stylish way of energy saving with LED bathroom lighting


Philips bathroom lighting not only serves as a stylish bathroom decoration, it also saves money on your energy bills. Furthermore, there is always a place for an LED lamp in every area of your bathroom, even above the shower.

Philips LED lighting is up to 80% more energy efficient than traditional light sources. In combination with their versatility, LED lamps and recessed spotlights are a perfect solution for the bathroom, for any time of the day.


Safe and top-quality lighting


The purpose of bathroom lighting is not only to provide the right light. It must also be safe and as such resistant to moisture. Our range offers you bathroom lights with different IP values, from IP21 and IP23 to IP44 and IP65. This tells you immediately which lights can be placed where and it helps you to decide on the perfect light for every area of your bathroom.

The sustainable materials, stylish finish and different types give you the opportunity to decorate the bathroom in your own personal style. Whether you need functional light or soft and romantic light, the LED ceiling and wall lights will guarantee you always have a pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom.


LED recessed spotlights - safe lighting for in the shower


In the morning you will immediately feel wide awake with the bright light from the LED recessed spotlights in your shower. With an IP65 value, our recessed spotlights are 100% safe and suitable to place above the shower. In addition, they are also very easy to connect to a dimmer switch, so in the evening you can take a relaxing shower with the light dimmed.

Modern or classic, around the mirror or above the shower: our range of LED bathroom lights will provide you with bright light and a stylish decor both during the day and at night.


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