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Bathroom LED lighting

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See what light can do in the bathroom

Bathroom lighting - bright morning rituals, relaxing evenings


In the morning the bathroom is the busiest room in the house and in the evenings it’s the ultimate place to unwind. Of course you can see nothing in the dark, which makes good bathroom lighting indispensable for daily tasks such as brushing your teeth and shaving, and for creating a relaxing atmosphere.

And let's not forget about the safety aspect. The bathroom is a damp area and so it’s essential for the bathroom lights to be watertight. With Philips bathroom lights you can illuminate your bathroom safely and in style!


Lighting in the bathroom - white light for the mirror, a soft glow for the bath


When shaving (or depilating), applying make-up or inserting contact lenses, you need bright, white light. In addition to general lighting in the form of a ceiling light or recessed spotlights, you also need direct light. By using the right wall light you can put together the best possible lighting so you will not miss a single hair and your lenses can be inserted effortlessly!

Also in the evening your bathroom lighting is indispensable. Pamper yourself with a deliciously hot bath and turn down the lights. Ask yourself: who would not enjoy relaxing in a heavenly bath with some soft music in the background. The warm glow of soft lighting, perhaps in combination with candles, will immediately create a relaxing atmosphere.

Or give yourself an invigorating shower and feel completely rejuvenated. With a few convenient recessed spotlights above the shower, you will never overlook any part of your body, and what's more, you will never use the wrong shower gel again.


Discover our wide range of bathroom lights


Take a look at our range of bathroom lamps and illuminate your bathroom in style! Have you chosen LED lighting for your bathroom? Then you have chosen not just a stylish way of illuminating your bathroom, but also the most energy-efficient way.


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