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See what lighting can do in the Home Office and Study - Table lamps

The right desk lamp for every room in the house!


In years gone by, kids used to do their homework at the dining room table. Nowadays, we have a dedicated study area for the youngsters and a home office for ourselves. Homeworking too is fast gaining popularity…


However, the question is whether we always have the right kind of lighting where we work. Good desk lighting and the right desk lamp help to make our desks better workplaces without hurting our eyes.


Choosing desk lamps: from home office to the study


Different areas around the house call for different desk lamps. Are you looking to set up your own office at home? In that case, you will need to reckon with different light sources: from general lighting through to floor and wall lamps with the addition of a flexible desk lamp.


But let’s not forget about the kids! They also deserve to have a quiet study area – maybe in their own room. Good lighting is necessary from a young age in order to protect the eyes as much as possible. The older your son or daughter gets, the more important it becomes for them to have good desk lighting. Desk lamps that will allow them to burn the midnight oil and revise all night long just before the exams.


Finally, a lot of people prefer to have a separate desk or a home office. In such cases, having just the one desk lamp is not enough and you will need to look at the wider picture. For a start there’s the general lighting and then there’s how other light sources can be added so that you have a perfectly illuminated working area at any time of the day or night. Lighting that isn’t tiring on the eyes and eliminates shadows.

Desk lamps geared to your own situation


Which is why Philips brings a wide selection of desk lighting: from EcoHalo to energy-efficient LED lamps. There’s also a very wide range of different types of lamp fixtures to choose from: table lamps, floor lamps, wall-mounted light fixtures, pendant lights and spot lights. Giving you a choice from a whole range of suitable desk lamps in lots of different styles at all times. Whether you’re looking for a design desk lamp for the office, or an elegant LED floor lamp for the living room office area…


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