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LED desk lamp

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Brightness and clarity courtesy of LED desk lamps!


Good lighting plays a major role in our home interiors. This also applies to our desks and working areas. Which is why switching to LED lighting is also a deliberate and sustainable choice for your home interior as a whole. It’s also good for your purse…


Having a decent working area is becoming increasingly more important in our home. Appropriate desk lighting & LED desk lamps are therefore essential! LED desk lighting brings bright and warm light which, unlike traditional lighting, isn’t tiring on the eyes. This also sees you killing two birds with one stone, because the lighting is not only more pleasant to work in, you’re also saving yourself a nice packet!


Combining LED desk lamps with your living room lighting


You can set up a working area just about anywhere around the house. In this day and age however, a lot of people prefer to integrate their working area or desk in the living room. Partly due to a lack of space, but also because it’s nice to be near the rest of the family. However, this does require your desk lighting and desk lamps to be in step with the general living room style.


It’s not just the style of your LED desk lamps that’s important. For instance, you also need to make sure that the light from your LED desk lamp doesn’t reflect on the TV screen, and vice versa, meaning that the living room lighting should not disturb you whilst working at your desk desk. Which is why it’s important to match your living room lighting with your LED desk lamp.


The way to do so is to go for the same style and design, but also by being mindful of the light intensity of the various lamps. When you set up your working area in the living room, quite often a directional LED desk lamp or a floor lamp will do. All the more so as the general lighting in the living room provides sufficient basic lighting with the LED desk lamp giving you the focused lighting you need.


This produces sufficient and agreeable lighting at all times, whilst avoiding shadows over your working area. Moreover, with a directional LED desk lamp or LED floor lamp allows you to turn the light away from where people are sitting or from the TV.

Perfect lighting, no matter where you are!


Don’t forget about dimmers for the living room and the desk alike. Glaring light is not very nice for other family members sitting on the settee watching a film. Then again, the bright light from your LED desk lighting can be annoying to others who are trying to watch some telly. Lighting with dimmers pleases everybody because the light intensity can be altered to suit each area of the room.


Philips caters for all your desires & needs, offering a range of lighting solutions for different situations and areas. For instance, you can opt for our LED spot lamps, consisting of 2 or 4 LED spots. These are easy to adjust to provide the best lighting wherever you happen to be at the time. If you prefer a more elegant design, we have a full range of LED pendant lights where the height and light intensity are easily adjusted. If you need extra or directional lighting, take a look at the wide range of table lamps and LED floor lamps.