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See what light can do in the Kids' room

Playful nursery lighting


When decorating a baby's room it's important to decide what sort of nursery lighting to use. For example, the ceiling light should not shine in your little one's eyes, but must provide sufficient light in case your baby wakes up at night.


In designing baby room lighting, our designers also take into account different aspects such as safety, choice of material, attractive design, etc.


Philips nursery lighting - 100% safe!


All our nursery lighting is designed in accordance with the strictest European guidelines for children's lighting. There is no danger of electrocution and no toxic materials are used; our kids lighting is always 100% safe!


Nursery lighting should not only be functional or fun. Kids bedside lamps can also be used to make it easier for your baby to sleep and wake up. The myBuddy children's lamp has a moon and a sun, so your child knows exactly when it is supposed to sleep and when it is allowed to get up and start playing.


Baby room lights as an original gift for a newborn baby!


The myBuddy lamp is an ideal gift for a newborn baby. The lamp can be used for many years to come as it is a table lamp, a reading light and a night light, all in one. Your child will never have to wake up in the dark thanks to the soft glow of the night light; it will have no trouble adjusting to its bedroom surroundings at night.

    Be sure to take a look at all our Disney lamps. The Disney LivingColors Micros by Cars & Princess - each with their own Disney figures - are more than just lamps. The lamps bring a magical world to life thanks to the handy colour strip. It allows children to choose from 64 different colours to bring their stories to life. Thanks to the Disney LivingColors Micros your children will always have their favourite Disney heroes nearby, ready to help them fall asleep.

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