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Dining room lighting

See what light can do in the Living and Bedroom

Video - The open plan living of this young family needed a more flexible lighting solution to the needs of both kids and parents.

Warming up the heart of a home

The open plan living of this young family needed a more flexible lighting solution to the needs of both kids and parents.

Video - Warming up the heart of a home


Warming up the heart of a home

Imbue your dining room with atmosphere with the right dining room lighting


Although the purpose of the dining room may have changed somewhat in recent years, it remains the most important gathering ground in the house. For breakfast and the evening meal, but also for family celebrations, for the kids to do their homework or just for a nice chat…


As such, dining room lighting is the perfect tool to give the room a range of different functions, as well as creating an attractive and warm atmosphere. Find out how our dining room lights can transform the dining room into the nicest room in the house!


An LED pendant light above the table…


When designing your dining room, the dining room lighting plays an important role in creating the right atmosphere. An LED pendant light over the dining table becomes the central source of light in the dining room.

Furthermore, our adjustable and dimmable dining table pendant lights are every bit as versatile as the dining room itself, giving you the right kind of lighting at all times. If you’re having a romantic dinner for two, simply dim the light and bring the pendant light down a little. If you’ve got work to do or you’re helping the kids out with their homework of an evening, increase the light intensity and raise the pendant light for more light.

Moreover, you can always find the perfect pendant light for every dining table. For instance, we have wide pendant lights with different light sources, or individual pendant lights that can be fitted next to each other. You’re certain to find just what you’re looking for in our range of modern design pendant lights.


Standard lamps or wall-mounted lights in the dining room…


Wall lighting serves two purposes: to highlight a specific wall, a family photo, etc. and to create background lighting to add to the general atmosphere. Your pendant light serves as the central source of light and the wall lighting can be switched on for atmospheric lighting.


What’s more, depending on the size of your dining room you need wall lighting. A large dining room with just a single light source makes it feel dark and gloomy. Wall-mounted lights or a standard lamp will provide sufficient light whilst retaining a warm and congenial atmosphere.


Finishing touch with LED table lamps and tea lights for added ambience


A nice table lamp or tea lights in the middle of the table are the icing on the cake. Candles symbolise warmth and cosiness and our LED tea lights can be used over and over again. You can recharge them with the adapter and enjoy their gently flickering warm glow around the dining table.