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Kitchen led lighting

See what light can do in the Living and Bedroom

Video - The open plan living of this young family needed a more flexible lighting solution to the needs of both kids and parents.

Warming up the heart of a home

The open plan living of this young family needed a more flexible lighting solution to the needs of both kids and parents.

Video - Warming up the heart of a home


Warming up the heart of a home

Kitchen & dining room lighting – from recessed spotlights to pendant lights


As none of us enjoy working on an empty stomach, cooking is one of the main household duties of the day. Nowadays, cooking has been made all the more fun courtesy of attractive as well as functional kitchen lighting.


We also eat with our eyes. This is why good dining room and kitchen lighting, during cooking as well as eating, is essential in the kitchen and dining room!


The right lighting for each area of the kitchen and dining room


Chopping the vegetables, cutting the meat, stirring the pots, looking up the right amounts in your collection of cookery books, serving the food, etc. The whole kitchen and dining experience involves a wide range of duties for which bright high-quality lighting (LED) is a must. There’s nothing quite as awkward as cutting your finger whilst cooking. Bright directional lighting enables you to perfectly see what you’re doing, making the whole cooking experience even more fun!


In the dining room too, lighting is seen to play an important role. This is obviously to allow you to see what you’re eating, but dining room lighting also greatly contributes to the general ambience. A romantic dinner for two or catch up on things after dinner? The delightful atmospheric lighting brought by a dimmer-controlled pendant light and our LED tea lights enables you to set the tone for a nice chat in a matter of seconds…

Light where it’s needed, just the way you want it


We have the right lighting solution for every imaginable corner: need light underneath your kitchen units, over the kitchen sink? Not a problem! Anything from recessed LED spotlights to pendant lights, from ceiling lamps to table and wall lamps, our dining room and kitchen lighting collection caters for every taste!


In designing our recessed spotlights for instance, special attention was devoted to making them easily adjustable, so they can be directed onto the sink, the dining table or anywhere else you need directional light there and then. As we all have our own favourite style, we also kept a watchful eye on the design aspect and the materials we used. As such, our range accommodates a wide variety of recessed spotlights and spot lamps in different styles.


Come and get it!