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Pendant led lamp

See what light can do in the Kitchen

Video - The open plan living of this young family needed a more flexible lighting solution to the needs of both kids and parents.

Warming up the heart of a home

The open plan living of this young family needed a more flexible lighting solution to the needs of both kids and parents.

Video - Warming up the heart of a home


Warming up the heart of a home

Choose the right pendant LED lighting for your dining room & kitchen


Finding the right pendant lamps for your interior may seem harder than it is. Here are some tips to help you in your search for the right pendant (LED) lamps. We are happy to guide you in acquiring the correct pendant lamp!


An elegant pendant lamp adds character to your dining room and/or kitchen. However, there are several things you need to take into account to reach a successful outcome: the style and design, the function and position, the shape of your kitchen or dining table, etc.


How will you be using your pendant lamp?


Start by identifying what the function of the pendant lamp will be. For example, there are pendant lamps that solely provide directed light, and as such only light up the dining room or kitchen table. On the other hand you also have 'multifunctional' lamps for both directed and diffused light. This way both the table and the room can be sufficiently lit.


Both in the dining room and in the kitchen the last-mentioned is the preferred way of lighting. By choosing a pendant lamp with a dimming feature you can obtain the correct light intensity for any time of day and for any purpose; whether you're planning a romantic dinner or doing homework with the kids.


Synchronizing your pendant lamps with the kitchen and dining table


Also, the shape and size of your table are decisive for the type of pendant lamp. A long dining table requires a 'long' lighting object. For example, there are pendant lights that consist of several light sources that illuminate the full length of the table. For a round or square table you can opt for one single lamp, to be hung in a central position over the table. With this type of pendant lighting note whether the lamp provides directed and/or diffused light.


On top of that the shape and height of the ceiling and space between the pendant lamp and the table are equally important. For high ceilings make sure the lead is sufficiently long. A pendant lamp should not be hung too high, and not too low either. The ideal height for a pendant lamp is just below eye level when you are sitting at the table. Several of our pendant lamps are also supplied with long leads, offering plenty of flexibility for different situations.


From designer pendant lamps to rustic pendant lamps and from LED lights to energy saving lamps


And finally, the style of the pendant lamp will contribute to a successful outcome. Philips offers a wide range of styles: modern pendant lamps, rustic pendant lamps, designer pendant lamps and classic pendant lamps.


And last but not least: what type of lighting to choose? What to choose, a pendant LED lamp or a pendant lamp with energy saving light bulbs? Both types offer different advantages. Both types are energy-efficient and they both offer diffused and warm light. This makes the choice a very personal one. Our wide range offers different types, styles and models, so you will always undoubtedly find the right pendant lamp for your dining room and/or kitchen!