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See how Philips Living room lighting and bedroom lighting can transform your home.

Living Room Lighting & Bedroom Lighting: Supporting ageing eyes

Living Room Lighting & Bedroom Lighting: Supporting ageing eyes

See how Philips living room lighting transformed the Johnson family and how it made the family feel more comfortable there.

Supporting ageing eyes

New York

Supporting ageing eyes

Video - Creating a modern entertaining center


Creating a modern entertaining center

Living room lighting and Bedroom Lighting


As the soul of your home, your living room is the place where you experience unforgettable moments with friends and family. That's why choosing the right living room lighting and dining room lighting is worth a thought. The dining room should have various forms of lighting and lamps, such as general lighting like ceiling and wall lights. Also task lighting in the form of a bright table or floor lamp and ambience lighting for watching a movie or having an intimate get-together.


Laze around with cosy light in the bedroom


During the last couple of years the bedroom has transformed from a sleeping place to a personal hideaway where you relax, watch television or read a book. Bedroom lighting such as bedroom lamps should be soothing, soft and warm to match all the different moods.


High quality - energy-saving light


Philips offers a range of living and bedroom lighting with the latest energy-saving technology from fluorescent (cfl) energy-saving light bulbs to high-power LED light bulbs.

Livingroom Lighting tips

  • Place a floor lamp behind your reading chair to ensure you have enough light when you relax with a good book.
  • Choose reading lights with a flexible arm for the bedroom. Besides being convenient, you don't disturb your sleeping partner.
  • Light up a painting or a photograph from the ceiling with a directional spotlight.
  • Play with coloured light, dimming and shadows to transform the look and feel of the room according to occasion.

Popular Living room and Bedroom Lighting

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Living lighting

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Living lighting

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Lighting that grows with you

Living room lighting that grows with you

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Bedroom lighting and bedroom lamps

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