Enterprise Monitoring as a Service (EMaaS)

Standardized patient monitoring with management and performance improvement services via per-patient fee model.


Operating in a complex healthcare system requires tradeoffs. Maintaining the highest care standards while treating more patients and retaining critical staff without increasing costs are important, but difficult to achieve without sacrifice.If you introduce new, more advanced monitoring technology, do you have the resources you need to drive adoption; train and educate staff; and improve interoperability? In five years, will you be faced with the same questions?

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A transformative and sustainable approach to enterprise monitoring  


Healthcare institutions are rethinking how they purchase equipment like patient monitoring. Philips monitoring as a service delivers comprehensive patient monitoring capabilities through an acuity- and use-driven financial model, helping ensure systems are continually optimized across the enterprise and KPIs are met in a predictable, financial-friendly way.


By eliminating the costs associated with equipment lease or purchase and incorporating education, support and services within a set consumption-based fee; EMaaS drives successful adoption of workflows and technology in conjunction with ongoing clinical performance improvements. The EMaaS model improves monitoring capabilities immediately while enabling organizations to stay current over the long-term without compromising patient care.

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Engagement model
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Technical management
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Clinical management
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Financial management pay-per-patient 


  • Faster, easier adoption of  monitoring technology and workflows
  • Enterprise-wide standardization 
  • More efficient and complete technology utilization
  • Worry-free optimization and integration
  • No large, upfront capital expenses
  • Predictable costs tied to use
  • Decreased risk 
  • No ownership of depreciating equipment
  • Enhanced inter-department communication and collaboration
  • No technology obsolescence concerns
  • Seamless interoperability and security management
  • Early visibility into operational and clinical issues

Why consider monitoring as a service?


Long-term outcomes are difficult to achieve through transaction-based  vendor relationships. Clinical excellence is hard to sustain through episodic purchasing and installation. Continuous improvement across the enterprise is unreachable without ongoing support and training. 


Staying current with patient monitoring systems while navigating unplanned expenses and changing clinical dynamics often means redirecting focus and resources away from patient care. Monitoring as a service may help hospitals and health organizations seeking:

  • Successful, timely adoption of new patient monitoring technology and processes
  • More efficient workflows to drive clinical excellence
  • Predictable, volume-based costs that scale to changing needs
  • Reduction of operational and financial challenges associated with keeping monitoring systems current
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A unified team  structured to support  your enterprise


Instead of focusing on equipment, we focus on care delivery. Instead of avoiding risk, we share it. And, instead of letting capability determine use, we use data to develop capability. EMaaS with Philips means a true partnership with resources dedicated to supporting people and systems for the lifetime of the agreement.


Start transforming your monitoring enterprise today in a way that ensures it's successful over time.


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