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Precision guidance system

The SyncVision precision guidance system streamlines lesion assessment, simplifies vessel sizing, and enables precise therapy delivery in conjunction with the existing fluoroscopic image stream.

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iFR Co-registration
iFR Co-registration

iFR Co-registration

With iFR Co-registration there is no need for hyperemic drugs, no need for time consuming pullback devices and no need for guesswork. Make length measurements without a cumbersome pullback device. Plan your procedure with physiologic guidance.
SyncVision IVUS Co-registration localization
SyncVision IVUS Co-registration localization

SyncVision IVUS Co-registration localization

The SyncVision IVUS Co-registration application co-registers the location of the IVUS image on the angiogram and provides easy length and area measurements with a manual IVUS pullback.
IVUS Co-registration: measurement
Simplifies vessel sizing/measurement

Simplifies vessel sizing/measurement

IVUS Co-registration provides easy length measurement with manual IVUS pullback and area/diameter measurements for accurate stent sizing. This feature also provides automated, real-time side-by-side display of co-registered IVUS and angio images to help correlate critical and anatomical landmarks, especially in complex cases, such as bifurcations.⁴, ⁷, ¹⁰, ¹¹
Device positioning
Angio+ device positioning

Angio+ device positioning

The SyncVision Angio+ device positioning tool provides enhanced visualization of device position within the vessel and is designed to help reduce risk of geographic miss, which study data suggests may occur in 66.5% of PCIs.¹
Device inflation
Angio+ device inflation

Angio+ device inflation

SyncVision Angio+ device inflation provides enhanced visualization of balloon to observe proper inflation. Successful cardiovascular treatment relies on proper balloon inflation, and enhanced imaging can help determine successful inflation functioning.⁸
Device enhancement
Angio+ device enhancement

Angio+ device enhancement

SyncVision Angio+ device enhancement provides enhanced visualization of stent deployment under fluoroscopy to help ensure proper deployment and correct location of deployment.
Addresses imaging challenges
Streamlines and simplifies therapy

Streamlines and simplifies therapy

SyncVision streamlines lesion assessment with co-registration and vessel enhancement, simplifying vessel sizing with real-time QCA and easy length/area/diameter measurement. SyncVision enables precise therapy delivery with Angio+ device detection, offering live stabilization and image enhancement, real-time post-acquisition image processing, and IVUS to assist with confirmation.
iFR modality
iFR modality simplifies workflow

iFR modality simplifies workflow

iFR modality simplifies workflow by providing a hyperemia-free measurement to assess lesion significance in as few as five heartbeats. Philips’ proprietary iFR modality has a robust body of clinical evidence with over 9,000 patients in numerous studies and peer-reviewed journal articles.¹³
Vessel enhancement || KBA1

Angio+ vessel enhancement

The SyncVision Angio+ vessel enhancement tool provides clarity in visualizing vessels, which may include tortuous or overlapping vessels and highly stenosed lesions, potentially reducing the number of required views during diagnosis or therapy.
SyncVision QCA || KBA1

Quantitative coronary analysis

The SyncVision Angio+ quantitative coronary analysis automatically calculates lumen dimensions and stenosis in real time.
Device motion indication || KBA1

Healthy-to-healthy landing zones

Intravascular ultrasound guidance helps to confirm healthy-to-healthy landing zones, according to clinical research.³
IVUS assesses disease || KBA1

IVUS helps with disease assessment

IVUS imaging helps physicians assess disease markers, including plaque burden percentage, lesion location and morphology, calcium volume, and the presence of thrombus. It also provides analysis of crucial parameters—like luminal cross-sectional measurements—and helps aid in disease diagnosis.
Fractional Flow Reserve || KBA1

Fractional Flow Reserve measurement

Various clinical studies demonstrate that physiologic lesion assessment by FFR to guide routine PCI is superior to current angiography guided treatment. This measured ratio represents the potential decrease in coronary flow distal to the coronary stenosis.¹⁴
iFR Scout pullback || KBA1

iFR Scout pullback

The iFR Scout pullback shows the most significant gradient in the mid-vessel lesion with diffuse proximal disease.

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Power requirements
System input
100V-120V, 50/60Hz, 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 600 VA
Monitor input
100-240V, 50/60Hz, 93 VA
Workstation input
100-240V, 50/60Hz, 250 VA
Angiographic system video output
Analog or digital
IVUS system
Philips Core systems SW version 3.2.2 and above
IVUS catheter
Eagle Eye Platinum catheters
ECG signal
Contact your local Philips representative for compatibility
Height: 16.5", 39.6 cm; Width: 6.75", 16.2 cm; Depth: 21.25", 51 cm
Bedside joystick
Height: 1.5", 3.7 cm; Width: 4.2", 10.7 cm; Depth: 3", 7.6 cm
Height: 15-19", 41-56 cm; Width: 15.8", 40.2 cm; Depth: 10", 24.7 cm
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SyncVision precision guidance system