HeartNavigator Insightful planning and guidance for Structural Heart Disease Procedures


Insightful planning and guidance for Structural Heart Disease Procedures


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Increase confidence and ease during transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) and other challenging SHD procedures. The immersive user experience is highly automated to simplify planning, device selection and projection angle selection. During procedures, it provides live image guidance to support device positioning.

Automatic segmentation saves time || Simplify procedure planning

Automatic segmentation saves time

Once you load a pre-operative DICOM compliant CT dataset and a 3D volume is rendered, HeartNavigator automatically segments tissue, anatomical structures, landmarks, calcium, and planes of the heart for TAVR/TAVI. To facilitate mitral valve replacement, left atrial appendage closure (LAAC) and other procedures, HeartNavigator automatically segments the entire heart.
Automatic landmarks to stay on track || Simplify procedure planning

Automatic landmarks to stay on track

For additional guidance, HeartNavigator automatically places landmarks on a large variety of anatomical structures, including the ostia of the coronaries, 3 nadirs, etc. They can be manually adapted as needed.
Automatic measurements help avoid err... || Simplify procedure planning

Automatic measurements help avoid errors

A single click creates area, perimeter, diameter and distance measurements of anatomical structures for TAVR or TAVI procedures. The measurements are performed within the detected anatomical planes and are shown on the displayed centerline. For all other SHD procedures, manual measurements are provided.
Calcification visualization to avoid ... || Simplify procedure planning

Calcification visualization to avoid potential complications

The software enhances insight into the distribution of calcifications in the ascending aorta, aortic valve annulus, and left ventricle. By determining the severity and location of calcification, you can avoid potential complications during procedures.
Automatic view planning aids position... || Simplify procedure planning

Automatic view planning aids positioning

HeartNavigator automatically determines the most optimal projection angles to use during the procedure. This can avoid the need to acquire multiple aortagrams. Projections can be recalled tableside for further savings.
Enhanced device selection to check co... || Simplify procedure planning

Enhanced device selection to check correct fit

It is critical in TAVR/TAVI to select a properly sized aortic valve repair device. HeartNavigator lets you visualize the 3D virtual device templates of many of the latest TAVR/TAVI devices, modeled in cooperation with leading device manufacturers.
Integrated live image guidance suppor... || Simplify procedure planning

Integrated live image guidance supports precise navigation

You can get real-time feedback to guide navigation through the vasculature. The 3D CT volume rendering of the ascending aorta can be matched with live fluoro to show the exact position of catheters and devices in relation to the reference image. The 3D CT rendering moves in sync with system movements during the procedure.


Automatic segmentation of tissue, anatomical structures, landmarks, calcium, anatomical planes and viewing angles within the cardiac CT data for TAVI/TAVR
Automatic distance, diameter, area and perimeter measurements for TAVI/TAVR
Automatic Free centerline measurement along the ascending aorta for TAVI/TAVR
Segmentation, measurements and viewing angles for other SHD procedures, e.g. mitral valve replacement and left atrial appendage closure
Up to date virtual device library for TAVI/TAVR procedures
Report with all relevant measurements, optimal viewing angles and selected device as print for use in exam room or stored on the PACS.
Live guidance with CT overlay and automatic optimal viewing angles
Highly automated intuitive workflow
Enhanced anatomy visualization