StyleCare Essential Curler

16 mm barrel, 200°C temperature, Ceramic coating BHB862/00


Smoke evaporates from my Philips curler during use

Don't worry. Smoke evaporating from your Philips curler could be due to several things, but is not harmful. Think of the following before curling your hair.

Styling products

You should never put styling products in your hair that are not suitable for the high temperature of a styler. Instead, use a heat protecting spray or serum, to protect your hair from heat damage. Read the labels of hair-styling products to make sure they are suitable for use at high temperatures.

Wet hair

We don’t recommend to curl hair that is wet as wet hair is more prone to damage. Make sure that your hair is dry before styling.

The information on this page applies to the following models: BHB862/00 , BHB864/00 , HP8605/00 .

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