SmallStar Bagless vacuum cleaner

1800W FC8286/01


How to clean the filter of my Philips bagless vacuum cleaner

The motor protection filter can be cleaned by shaking the dust out of the filter over a dustbin.


Do not use water to clean the motor protection filter.

Clean the motor protection filter every time you clean the filter cylinder.

As the location of the motor protection filter can differ per vacuum cleaner, check with your appliance where it is located. It can be placed; behind the dust container, next to the dust container or in the shape of a round disc.

The motor protection filter

The information on this page applies to the following models: FC8286/01 , FC8262/01 , FC9262/01 , FC8734/01 , FC8256/01 , FC9200/01 , FC9204/01 , FC9228/01 , FC8716/01 . more less

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