BHS376/00 StraightCare Essential ThermoProtect straightener
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StraightCare Essential ThermoProtect straightener


The coating of my Philips Hair Straightener is wearing off

If the coating of your Philips Straightener seems to be coming off, find out the root causes and solutions here.

Straightener needs to be cleaned

It is important to regularly maintain your Philips Straightener. Clean the plates of your straightener with a damp cloth after every use. Make sure you clean it when it has completely cooled down.

Keep in mind that even if the coating wears off this does not affect the performance of your straightener, and it is still safe to use on your hair.

If you are still not satisfied with the wear of your straightener then please contact us for further support.

The information on this page applies to the following models: BHS376/00 , HP8302/00 , HP8316/00 , HP8339/20 , HP8698/00 , HP4686/22 , HP8310/00 , HP8300/00 , HP4698/22 , HP8342/00 , HP8361/00 , HP4661/30 , HP4686/00 , HP4696/10 , HP4698/10 , HP4668/29 , HP4638/00 , HP4688/00 , HP4661/00 , HP4667/00 , HP4669/07 , HP4680/00 , HP4680/01 , HP4696/01 , HP4698/01 , HP4642/07 , HP4648/37 , HP4665/00 , HP4625/00 , HP4642/00 , HP4696/00 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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