Daily Collection Mixer

170W, Conic Shaped beaters, Primary red HR1552/10


I can’t remove the beaters/dough hooks from my Philips mixer

When the beaters or dough hooks cannot be removed from your Philips mixer, please discover in the following lines how this works.

The steps to remove them are not followed correctly

Please, make sure the steps below are followed correctly:

  1. Push down the eject button as low as possible: then the beaters or dough hooks should fall out.
  2. If the beaters or dough hooks do not fall out of the appliance by themselves, you can keep pushing the eject button and gently pull them out with your hand.
Removing the beaters or dough hooks from the Philips mixer

The information on this page applies to the following models: HR1552/10 , HR1559/50 , HR1559/40 , HR1559/10 , HR1552/50 , HR1552/40 , HR1530/83 , HR1538/83 , HR1530/80 , HR1538/80 , HR1456/70 , HR1561/55 , HR1565/55 , HR1561/80 , HR1538/60 . more less

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