Viva Collection Soy milk maker

1.0~1.2L, Boomerang blade, 900W, Double housing HD2061/08


Rice paste from my Philips soy milk maker sticks to the pot

To strive for authentic taste, Philips soymilk maker uses the traditional soymilk making method - ““Bottom Heat-up”“.

Therefore, when making rice paste, and using ingredients (like rice) that are easily softened and stinky after heated up, it is normal to find stinky pot. The residues can be easily cleaned and removed with cleaning pad.

However, to reduce this situation happening, we suggest you not to soak ingredients (like rice) to avoid them get softening after being soaked. This will make them easier to stick at the bottom of the pot.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD2061/08 , HD2060/02 , HD2075/03 .

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