CRT monitor

43 cm (17"), real flat, XGA 107S96/97

Frequently Asked Questions

My screen shows NO SYNC INPUT , how can I get rid of this?

Check the following for possible solutions:

  • Bent pins on the video cable
  • Make sure the computer is turned on
  • Ensure the VGA Cable is properly connected
  • Ensure the BNC/D-Sub connector on the rear of the monitor is in the correct position, newer models have this option in the On Screen Display under Input Signal Selection.
  • Video card may be not a VESA standard (try the monitor with another computer)

The information on this page applies to the following models: 107S96/97 , 107S76/00 , 107S76/97 , 105G78/05 , 105G79/70 , 105G78/70 . more less