Philips LCD monitor 170B7CB 43 cm (17") SXGA



SmartControl - SmartControl program: After installing SmartControl, when clicking on SmartControl tab, nothing shows up after a while or a failure message shows, what happened?

It might be your graphic adaptor is not compatible with the SmartControl. If your graphic adaptor is one of the above mentioned brands, try to download the most updated graphic adaptor driver from corresponding companies' web site. Install the driver. Remove SmartControl, and re-install it once more. If it is still not working, we are sorry that the graphic adaptor is not supported. Please pay attention to Philips' web site for any updated SmartControl driver available.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 170B7CB/00 , 170A7FB/00 , 150S7FB/00 , 170S7FB/00 , 190S7FB/00 , 200P6IB/00 , 190B6CB/00 , 150B6CB/00 , 190S6FB/00 , 170B6CB/00 , 150S6FB/00 , 150S6FB/75 , 170S6FB/00 . more less

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