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My Philips soy milk maker overflows during use

If you follow the operation steps on how to make the soymilk in our user manual, the overflowing situation should not happen in normal use. However, should this situation happen, there could be several reasons:

  1. Select the wrong function. For instance, you want to make nutritional rice paste, but you accidentally select bean Soymilk function.
  2. Wrong quantity of ingredients and/or water amount.
  3. The overflow sensor is not clean, which causes it not able to detect overflow.
  4. During processing, there is a temporary power outage which disrupt the operations, and then restart the processing again.
  5. The appliance is broken which causes overflow. Contact the Philips Consumer Care Center for maintenance.

When overflow happens, and you can rule out it is not caused by reasons 1 to 5, please contact the Philips Consumer Care Center for maintenance.

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