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Water droplets drip from the head of my Philips Garment Steamer

Updated on 2022-03-29
If your Philips Garment Steamer is dripping some water droplets, please read on to find possible causes and solutions.

Condensed water from previous session

It is normal for some condensed water from previous session to remain within the steam flow path.

To solve this, press and hold steam trigger for at least 3 seconds to release any water droplet residues at the beginning of the new steaming session before steaming directly on a garment.

Scale/calc formed inside the handheld steamer

Sometimes, scale or calcification can form inside your handheld steamer, and this can cause it to drip some water. In regions with hard water this can be noticed more often.
To prevent this, please ensure that the water tank is emptied after a steaming session.

Besides this, we recommended you to use a combination of demineralized/distilled water (50%) mixed with tap water (50%).
Note: The following only applies for handheld steamers with rinsing function:

If your handheld steamer has a rinsing function, running this function will help you removing scale.

We recommend performing the rinsing mode when stains or impurities are produced or when the steam starts to become weaker.

To activate rinsing mode for scale removal, hold and press steam setting button and steam trigger simultaneously until 2 LED lights blink. Steam and hot water will start to be released for 1 minute. after 1 minute, the ECO mode blue or white light will blink to indicate your handheld steamer is back to heating up. You can use your garment steamer again after this.

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