Zenition 50 Mobile C-arm with Image Intensifier

Zenition 50

Mobile C-arm with Image Intensifier

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Point-and-shoot simplicity and reliable uptime make the Zenition 50 mobile C-arm with image intensifier the ideal systems for intensive use in interventions and surgeries. Part of the Zenition mobile C-arm family – a series of harmonized mobile C-arms that offers proven ease of use and future-fit capabilties.


X-ray generation
X-ray generation
X-ray tube
  • Monoblock 78,125 kHz high-frequency, micro-processor controlled generator
X-ray generator
  • Rotating anode tube with active heat management
Nominal power
  • 15 kW: 120 kV, 125 mA
Free space within C-arm
  • 77 cm (30.3”)
C-arm depth
  • 61 cm (24.0”)
  • ± 360°, with safety stop at ± 135°
Source Image Distance
  • 98 cm (38.7”)
  • +90° to -25 °
Extended angulation (optional)
  • +90° to -45° for increased projection flexibility
Lowest lateral working position
  • 103.4 cm (40.7”)
Imaging chain
Imaging chain
Image Intensifier
  • Triple-mode 9" HRC / Triple-mode 12" GG
TV camera type
  • CCD, high resolution 1K²
Constant beam filtration
  • Integrated beam filter: 1.0 mm Al. + 0.1 mm Cu
Nominal II formats
  • 23, 17, and 13 cm (9", 7", and 5") / 31, 23, and 17 cm (12", 9", and 7")
Image processing
Stand monitor
  • 15" LCD monitor on the C-arm gives a whole new level of simplicity
Video in
  • S-Video, DVI (digital and analog), SDI
Analog video out
Digital video out (optional)
  • 2 DVI connectors left and right monitor
USB storage
  • PNG, MP4, BMP
Advanced DICOM/IHE package (optional)
  • Modality Worklist Management, Modality Performed Procedure Step Storage Commit, Full compliance to the IHE Scheduled Workflow Integration profile
Stand monitor
Handheld remote control
  • Controls the main image handling functions
  • Available for Mobile View Station
Image Viewer
  • Multi Modality Viewer
Vascular Extension
  • Subtracted fluoroscopy mode, Trace, View Trace, Roadmap, Remask, Smart Mask and CO² modes
  • Zenition mobile C-arm systems are available for sale in a limited number of countries. Please check with your local representative for availability in your market.
  • 1. Results obtained during user tests performed in November 2013 by Use-Lab GmbH, an independent company. The tests involved 30 USA based clinicians (15 physicians teamed up with 15 nurses or X-ray technicians), who performed simulated procedures in a simulated OR environment. None of them had worked with a Philips C-arm or with each other before.
  • 2. Eligible RightFit Service Agreements are available with Technology Maximizer.
  • 3. The clinical images are from the Philips BV Pulsera mobile C-arm and do not represent the final image quality of the Zenition C-arm system.