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Warms milk on the go, Warms quickly, Protective beaker lid, Warms baby food too SCF256/00


How to clean the Philips Avent thermal bottle warmer

Keeping your Philips Avent thermal bottle warmer clean is not only good for hygiene reasons, but also improves your bottle warmer's lifespan.

Step-by-step instructions

1) Clean the beaker and flask with warm water and some washing-up liquid.
2) Rinse the beaker and flask thoroughly with fresh water.
3) To clean the pouring lid (see figure below), turn the top part anticlockwise to remove it from the bottom part.
4) Clean both parts with warm water and some washing-up liquid and rinse them thoroughly with fresh water.
5) Let all parts of the thermal bottle warmer dry completely before assembling.

Note: To prevent your product damaged, please do not clean the thermal bottle warmer in the dishwasher or put it in sterilizer.

Remove the top part

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCF256/00 .

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