Daily Collection Coffee maker

With glass jug, White & blue HD7448/70


Why is my Philips Daily coffee maker leaking coffee from the filter holder?

The coffee maker is equipped with a drip stop. If you do not place the filter holder in the correct way, it does not activate the dripstop.
As a result, the coffee filter will overflow and coffee will start to leak from the filter holder.

Follow the instructions below to place the filter holder correctly.

Step 1

Do not place the jug on the hotplate (first insert the filter holder see Step 2 & 3)

Step 2

Lift the handle of the filter holder, see picture.

Lifting handle

Step 3

Lower the handle (2) and check if the filter holder is fitted (1) properly as shown in the picture.

Lowering the handle and checking filter holder

Step 4

Now place your jug on the hotplate.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD7448/70 , HD7450/70 , HD7466/70 .

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