InfraCare infrared lamp

650W, Half body treatment, 124cm high HP3643/01

Frequently Asked Questions

What distance should I keep from my Philips InfraCare?

Please keep the right distance from your infrared lamp to get the best results and to prevent injury.

Distance per InfraCare model

The following distances between device and body are recommended during use:

  • InfraCare 150W, 200W (models HP3621, PR3110) – 30 cm
  • InfraCare 300W (models HP3631, PR3120) – 30-40 cm
  • InfraCare 650W (models HP3641, HP3643, PR3140) – 40-50 cm

Importance of proper distance

At a larger distance, the area treated becomes larger and therefore the heat spread by the infrared light less intense. At a smaller distance, the area treated is smaller and therefore the heat more intense.

Please note:

  • Make sure the distance between your body and the appliance is large enough to prevent accidental contact with the hot filter;
  • Choose a distance at which the heat is comfortable and increase the distance if the heat becomes too intense.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HP3643/01 , HP3621/02 , HP3641/01 , HP3621/01 . more less

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